Welcome to Hildebrandt's, a historic restaurant located in the heart of Williston Park, NY. Once a gemstone in the town's history, it has transitioned through time under the ownership of the Sarf family. Today, Zack Sarf proudly carries the torch, infusing the restaurant with his passion for preserving its nostalgic charm. Hildebrandt's is serving 1920s classic soda shop featuring ice cream, as well as basic dinner items such as burgers, wraps, soups, etc.

Hildebrandt's blends nostalgic charm with modern comfort, evolving from a classic 1927 soda shop to a contemporary gem under Zack Sarf. His commitment to preserving its historic vibe make visitors enjoy a timeless dining experience.

From the culinary expertise of Chef Alfredo Gomez, crafting masterpieces like the Zack Attack Burger, to the evolution from confectionary to a 1920s classic soda shop, Hildebrandt's is a testament to quality and history. With our favorite flavors like Milano and Mallomar, the dedication to providing the best ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere remains unwavering.

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FOLLOW US AT @hildebrandts

As you step into Hildebrandt's, you're not just entering a restaurant; you're stepping back in time to the restaurant origins. Your table is ready, your time machine awaits – join us for a taste of the past with a modern twist at Hildebrandt's.